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The Crazies – Advance Review
By Fredy on November 17, 2009 | Filed in: The Crazies | With 1 Comment »

Here’s a very positive advance review of The Crazies, coming from Fangoria Entertainment. It’s pretty spoilerish so be careful!

THE CRAZIES clearly falls into the “Wow” category. A fast-moving, exciting thrill ride that builds to a flat-out apocalyptic conclusion, this CRAZIES also has a healthy respect for the George A. Romero original even as it goes off in it’s own direction.

David (Timothy Olyphant) is the Sheriff of Ogden Marsh, a small midwestern town. Judy, his doctor wife (Radha Mitchell), is pregnant and everything seems idyllic until a townsperson carries a loaded shotgun to a little league game. From that point on, the two realize the locals of their beloved little town are going insane. Government help is NOT helpful, as fighter planes and gun-toting troops in Haz-Mat suits arrive and begin quarantine and blood-testing on the populace.

Danielle Panabaker from FRIDAY THE 13th is sympathetic as Becca, a scared local teen. Oyphant, Mitchell and Panabaker make an interesting trio of heroes. Joe Anderson is effective as Olyphant’s deputy…

Read the whole review here.

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