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Escape The Ward September 2010
By Fredy on January 3, 2010 | Filed in: The Ward | With No Comments »

First news of the year! John Carpenter’s The Ward is now aiming for a September 24, 2010 release according to the official Facebook page of the film, we’ll have to wait for confirmation though:

John Carpenter returns to the director’s chair to create The Ward, which stars Amber Heard (Zombieland) and Danielle Panabaker (Friday the 13th) as Kristen and Sarah. Currently in post-production a movie still from the film is available that shows starlette Amber Heard distressed and pursued by the police. Heard plays the lead in the film and her character awakens in a psychiatric hospital with “no memory of her life before being admitted.” Things get worse for Kristen when the other patients in the ward begin to disappear one by one.

Source: 28 Days Later Analysis.

More info about The Ward and Danielle’s character can be found here.

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