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And… We’re Back!
By Fredy on June 8, 2010 | Filed in: Site Updates | With 1 Comment »

Hi everyone! Danielle Panabaker Source has a brand new layout! It’s been exactly 5 months+ 1 day since our last design change and we’re happy to refresh our look once again. I hope you all like it =)

Images from Danielle’s 2010 Spec photoshoot were used this time. You can check out the full set here!

I’m also very sorry for the lack of updates lately, there’s literally nothing happening these days. Danielle is probably either shooting her new film ‘Renaissance Girl’ (which is unlikely since nothing new about it being financed has been said) or taking a small break. But either way we have ‘The Ward’ ready to launch this September, and there’s also ‘Weakness,’ which should premiere later this year at the film festivals, so there’s plenty to look out for.

Enjoy the new look, feedback is always appreciated!

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