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The Crazies Review
By Fredy on June 13, 2010 | Filed in: The Crazies | With No Comments »

I know it’s probably too late but I FINALLY got the chance to see The Crazies at my local theater last night (yeah it sure took me nearly four months) so I’ve updated the film’s section with the first D-Panabaker.Org original review.

From the beginning of the movie you can tell there’s something wrong in the town, one of the very first scenes features Danielle Panabaker, which is great. But about five minutes later we get the first dark incident, it unleashes a series of horrific (and sometimes very exciting) situations that don’t stop until the end. There’s a creepy claustrophobic vibe during the entire film, and most of the time you find yourself seating at the edge of your seat just to end up getting a jump scare. That’s really how the whole film works, which is great because it keeps you interested, but it gets so common that you just know it’s going to happen again…

To read the whole review click here.

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