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Portrait Magazine – 20 Most Beautiful Nominations
By Fredy on July 10, 2010 | Filed in: Magazine Alerts | With 2 Comments »

Last year Danielle Panabaker was one of the nominees of Portrait Magazine’s 2009 “Top 30 Under 30” list. Unfortunately she didn’t make it. Well it seems we have another shot this year. Here’s a message coming from Portrait Magazine:

Here at Portrait we’re planning our first ever issue dedicated entirely to beauty! We’ll be assembling a list of the most beautiful people in entertainment (and sport) and we want you to nominate (and ultimately rank) the people you think are the most beautiful. We’re not just talking physical beauty, we want you to rank on a whole range of topics such as…

  • Attitude
  • Style
  • Career Choices
  • Charity and Conservation involvement
  • Role Model status
  • Behaviour

The top fifty most nominated will compete in a poll at Portrait. Top twenty will feature in the first annual ’20 most beautiful’ article and the winner will cover the first ever Beauty issue.

So who’s your most beautiful – the easiest on the eyes, mind and heart?

So now you know, if you have some spare time go ahead and nominate Danielle =)

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