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The Ward – TIFF Q&A Session
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Here’s a very nice video of Danielle Panabaker and the rest of the cast during a Q&A session after The Ward official premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival:

First Reviews of The Ward
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The first reviews of The Ward are coming in after its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, but unfortunately they’re not as good as we would like to. The Ward is described as an entertaining film that doesn’t add anything new to the genre. There are some high points described as well though. So in the end it all depends on your own perception of the film. Let’s hope we get to see this one in theaters sometime soon!

Coming from Live for Films

So, individual scare scenes are very scary and well done. The problem is that they don’t seem to add up to much. The film feels like a collection of horror set pieces strung together by…well, very little.

Coming from Twitch:

Laced with effective jumps and some genuinely atmospheric moments, The Ward is a somewhat uneven affair. While the early scenes, in particular, show some vintage Carpenter flair with the camera moving steadily, inexorably through a series of complex dolly and crane shots and long, slow push ins, the signature style becomes less pronounced as the film progresses and finally ends up in a place difficult to distinguish from any number of young up and comers’ work.

Coming from FearNet:

The Ward is still a step down from the director’s best efforts and it has a few “issues” here and there, but I don’t need a director to deliver a “classic” each time out. The Ward is a ’70s-style psycho-thriller that’s quick out of the gate, lean on the running time, and rather smoothly satisfying from start to finish.

The Ward is also cut down to its bare essence (it runs about 88 minutes all told), and doesn’t waste any time on superfluous character banter or narrative wheel-spinning. The cast of young ladies is quite excellent…

2010 Toronto Film Festival – The Ward Premiere
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Just a few hours ago Danielle Panabaker attended the world premiere of The Ward at the Toronto International Film Festival. Co-stars Amber Heard, Lyndsy Fonseca, Laura-Leigh and Mika Boorem also showed up at the Ryerson Theatre for the Midnight Madness event. Danielle showed up in a very sexy outfit, looking stunningly beautiful! Enjoy the first pictures, a lot more will be added soon!