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The Ward – TIFF Red Carpet & Intro
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Here’s a video of The Ward world Premiere during the Toronto International Film Festival. The whole cast gets interviewed, Danielle Panabaker talks about working with director John Carpenter. Check it out!

Law & Order: LA – Second Preview
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Check out the second preview of NBC’s Law & Order: Los Angeles, this time we get more of Chelsea‘s bitchy attitude. Danielle looks good as a bad girl. Remember the episode premieres Wednesday, September 29th!

11th Annual InStyle & HFPA Party – TIFF
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Last night Danielle Panabaker attended the In Style HFPA Party during the 35th Toronto International Film Festival at Windsor Arms Hotel on September 14, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. She was pictured arriving the event, and inside with her co-star Lyndsy Fonseca. I have to say she looked her best this time, so simple and yet so beautiful! Check out some High Quality photos at the gallery thanks to our loyal visitors Kari and Dieterbale! More pics coming soon.

The Ward Premiere photos were replaced by HQ versions as well!

The Ward – TIFF Q&A Session
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Here’s a very nice video of Danielle Panabaker and the rest of the cast during a Q&A session after The Ward official premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival:

First Reviews of The Ward
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The first reviews of The Ward are coming in after its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, but unfortunately they’re not as good as we would like to. The Ward is described as an entertaining film that doesn’t add anything new to the genre. There are some high points described as well though. So in the end it all depends on your own perception of the film. Let’s hope we get to see this one in theaters sometime soon!

Coming from Live for Films

So, individual scare scenes are very scary and well done. The problem is that they don’t seem to add up to much. The film feels like a collection of horror set pieces strung together by…well, very little.

Coming from Twitch:

Laced with effective jumps and some genuinely atmospheric moments, The Ward is a somewhat uneven affair. While the early scenes, in particular, show some vintage Carpenter flair with the camera moving steadily, inexorably through a series of complex dolly and crane shots and long, slow push ins, the signature style becomes less pronounced as the film progresses and finally ends up in a place difficult to distinguish from any number of young up and comers’ work.

Coming from FearNet:

The Ward is still a step down from the director’s best efforts and it has a few “issues” here and there, but I don’t need a director to deliver a “classic” each time out. The Ward is a ’70s-style psycho-thriller that’s quick out of the gate, lean on the running time, and rather smoothly satisfying from start to finish.

The Ward is also cut down to its bare essence (it runs about 88 minutes all told), and doesn’t waste any time on superfluous character banter or narrative wheel-spinning. The cast of young ladies is quite excellent…

2010 Toronto Film Festival – The Ward Premiere
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Just a few hours ago Danielle Panabaker attended the world premiere of The Ward at the Toronto International Film Festival. Co-stars Amber Heard, Lyndsy Fonseca, Laura-Leigh and Mika Boorem also showed up at the Ryerson Theatre for the Midnight Madness event. Danielle showed up in a very sexy outfit, looking stunningly beautiful! Enjoy the first pictures, a lot more will be added soon!

The Ward – Three more JC Interviews
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Three more interviews today. I’m not sure but, from what I can read, there’s a careless attitude coming from John Carpenter. I do hope he supports the film as he’s supposed to. Coming from Collider:

What can audiences expect from The Ward?

JOHN CARPENTER: It’s a psychological thriller, in a way. It closely resembles a ghost story and a horror film. Amber Heard plays a young runaway who we discover, early in the film, setting fire to an old farmhouse. She’s taken to a mental institution and has no idea why she’s there, and the movie revolves around that question.

Since this film presumably relies more on scares than gore, is it more fun to scare audiences by showing them less gore and playing more on their emotions?

CARPENTER: There’s a bit of gore. There’s a touch, here and there. You play with everything you’ve got. I’m not a lover of cheap tricks. I’ve always loved playing with people, but there’s no rule about it. You try everything you can.

Was there anything particularly challenging about making a film that’s so contained?

CARPENTER: The secret of it is, how can you keep it from looking the same all the time? How can you keep it from being visually boring? That was a combination of how we shot it and the editing process, in trying to keep the movie alive visually. I’m pretty happy with what happened.

Read the full interview.

Coming from Bloody Disgusting:

“The whole project was a movie that was contained”, he said. “And it promised to have a real interesting cast…kinda get away from an effects-driven movie. So this was up my alley. It also wasn’t too long a shoot.

Most of the effects [in ‘The Ward’ were] done on set, but there are some things we did digitally”, he told me. “It’s just another tool. [It’s] a great tool to use…there are a lot of choices.

There are a lot of jump scares in this, which some people may not like”, he answered. “But tough shit

Read the whole thing.

And coming from Hit Fix:

Drew:  Is The Ward in big beautiful John Carpenter widescreen 2.35?

John: You know what?  It is.  But it’s sort of a cheese-bag widescreen.

Drew:  But it is John Carpenter widescreen, right?  Been waiting a long time for that.
John: We shot it flat and we’re scanning it for anamorphic, so it’s not quite as good as shooting with a real Panavision lens.  Not quite as good.

Drew:  I think you have a great crew up there [in Vancouver] and especially when you have some history with them the second year, it really is just a smooth experience. They’ll do whatever they can for you at that point.
John: It’s true, and I know the whole business is really a lot of fun.  So I thought, “Well, hell, I’m ready to try this again,” and along came this little movie that was a little film in terms of it’s not a big budget movie.  I don’t have to kill myself over it.  I can have some fun with it, and it’s working with really young actors.  And female actors and that’s fabulous.  I love that.

Read more.

The Ward premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival Monday night at 11:59 at the Ryerson.

Law & Order: Los Angeles – “Hollywood”
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NBC has released the official description of “Hollywood,” Danielle will guest star as Chelsea Sennett:



09/29/2010 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday): FAME FOR SALE— When a group of thieves target the homes of young Hollywood, Detectives Rex Winters (Skeet Ulrich) and Tomas “TJ” Jaruszalski (Corey Stoll) soon discover there is more to the crimes than meets the eye. After the perpetrators are uncovered, another shocking crime is committed at the home of young starlet Chelsea Sennett (guest star Danielle Panabaker) and her stage mom, Trudy (guest star Shawnee Smith.) As everyone starts turning on each other, Deputy District Attorney Morales (Alfred Molina) remains intent on exposing the real ringleader. Also starring Wanda De Jesus, Regina Hall and guest star Wyatt Russell.

The Ward – Two new John Carpenter Interviews
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With The Ward having its world premiere this monday, two more John Carpenter interviews have surfaced. First one coming for Fearnet:

You’ve spoken before about what brought you back to directing feature films with The Ward, and how you found the story’s elements compelling. Some of those elements are reminiscent of some of the great films you’ve directed in the past, like Halloween and The Thing. Could you talk about why you find these components so fascinating?

Well, there are many reasons why I made this movie, but a couple of the reasons are that it was a small enough movie that I didn’t have to run around and worry all the time. Because I was pretty much confined, and that was the story. It was a movie about being isolated, and being claustrophobic in one place. And I’ve always been attracted to that. I’ve made movies about it for a long time.

One of the things that’s fascinating about your work in the recurrence of political themes and subtext. Did you discover any in The Ward while you were working on it?

Not so much. This is more of a straightforward psychological thriller type gig. It’s a ghost story. It’s got a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But it’s the story that really attracted me, and working with a young cast of beautiful Hollywood starlets. I mean when you get to be my age that’s like heaven on earth. [Laughs.]

Was there anything about what those starlets brought to their characters that surprised you?

It wasn’t that they surprised me. They delighted me. I think talent is something I’m always in awe of in actresses. Acting is rough. I’ve tried a little myself, and I know how it is for me. And I just love what the actors did; they brought it every day. And it was a delight working with them.

Read More!

And anther one coming from Rue Morgue:

The heart of The Ward’s cast is a female ensemble. Is there any significant difference between directing a bunch of men, as in The Thing, versus a bunch of young actresses?
Well, it’s more fun to direct actresses. They’re prettier, they’re nice. All actresses are essentially the same. There’s an actor named Robert Mitchum, he once said there are no actors, there are only actresses, and that’s kinda true. But it was great to work with a young cast. I just had a great time.

In what ways do you feel The Ward fits in with the rest of your films in terms of its style, content or influences?
You wouldn’t want to make a movie that’s just like every other movie that you’ve made. This is somewhat different. I got to try a couple different things. It has familiar aspects to it. You know, it’s a horror film with a real story. It’s a story about some people who are haunted by something.

Read the full interview!

Law & Order: Los Angeles – Still Update
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Hi DP fans!

NBC just released the first batch of episode stills of Law & Order: Los Angeles!

I’ve updated the gallery with the only one featuring Danielle Panabaker as Chelsea (looking blurry =|). Hopefully more stills will be released soon!

Other photos featuring Danielle’s co-stars (regular cast members of the show) Skeet Ulrich, Corey Stoll, Alfred Molina and Regina Hall can be found Here.

Law & Order: Los Angeles premieres September 29, 2010. Danielle will be the guest lead in “Hollywood,” the first episode of the series. For more information go here!