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Law & Order: Los Angeles – Hollywood Screencaptures
By Fredy on October 3, 2010 | Filed in: Gallery Updates, TV Guest Appearances | With 8 Comments »

I’ve updated the gallery with 309 HD screencaps of wednesday’s episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles, titled “Hollywood”. Sorry it took me so long!

I must say it was a good episode, but nothing like Law & Order. I love the brand but this one didn’t feel like the original or SVU. Danielle’s character, Chelsea Sennett, didn’t have as much screentime as I would’ve liked. Her final scene was very good though. (Oh and Danielle reunited with her Friday the 13th co-star Travis Van Winkle during this episode!)

If you missed it don’t worry, I will be uploading some clips within the next couple of days =)

For now enjoy these screencaps in glorious high definition!

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