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‘Girls Against Boys’ at Cannes 2012!
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I can’t believe how un-advertised this was, but ‘Girls Against Boys’ had two screenings at the 2012 Cannes Film Market! The first one took place on Thursday and the second one earlier today. Here’s some more information coming from the official schedule:

GIRLS AGAINST BOYS, directed by Austin Chick, is a provocative and superbly entertaining psycho-sexual thriller about two bartenders who, after one of them is brutally assaulted, team up on a killing spree in New York – and take revenge on the men who have mistreated them.

Completed – ENGLISH – Thriller – 87 minutes


May 17 16:00 OLYMPIA 7
May 19 14:00 OLYMPIA 6

I’m very sorry for not informing you about this earlier. Check out the first review after the jump!

Hate and bloody vengeance towards men.

If there’s anything more dangerous than an angry woman, is that woman along with her psycho girl friend. Add a large number of abusive men and a gun. A truly explosive mix that., unfortunately, the director didn’t know how to exploit.

Shae has just been left by her married boyfriend. Torn apart after her shift as a bartender, she starts to cry. Lu, a co-worker, consoles her and encourages her to go out with her and forget regret. After a crazy night things get out of control as a result of the men that cross their ways throughout their adventures.  Tired and submerged in a hate spiral towards the men who mistreated them, they start a bloody vengeance odyssey dedicated to them.

With a more than promising premise, writer and director Austin Chick bores us with his film, Girls Against Boys, and that’s because he tries to fill the whole movie with minutes and minutes of unnecessary footage, completely breaking the film’s rhythm to the point of making it somnolent. The worst of all comes when it seems things are about to take off and they don’t, given that the scarce action scenes aren’t that impressive either. Although, let’s not fool ourselves, not everything is bad. The acting of the two sexy protagonists is more than solvent, and we can also say they give us a worthy-of-mention finale that, without a doubt, is the highlight of the film, and it makes it worth the wait.

It’s definitely a dispensable film that got stuck at an “I want but I can’t”, even though it gives us a pretty great ending.

Source: Terror Weekend

I personally thought the film is a sugar treat for every Danielle Panabaker fan. The visuals are gorgeous and the story involves you so much you barely note the craziness of the happenings. It’s a dreamy film that deserves to be seen!

‘Girls Against Boys’ opens in US theaters sometime this summer. We’ll keep you posted on international distribution deals!

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