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“The Nearlyweds” – On Location + Vancouver Candids
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Catching up with Danielle’s latest appearances:

  • She was spotted walking with her boyfriend as they headed to an art show on Sunday afternoon (June 17) in Vancouver, Canada
  • She was also spotted on the set of her latest movie, “The Nearlyweds”, on June 21. She was heading for lunch.

Check out the lovely pictures in the gallery:

Danielle Panabaker – 5 Minutes With The President
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Robin Bronk, CEO of the Creative Coalition, recently talked to Danielle Panabaker:

ROBIN BRONK: If you had five minutes in the Oval Office with President Obama, what would you discuss with him? What issue would you like him to know about? 

DANIELLE PANABAKER: I’d discuss the importance of taking care of our country and focusing on making it the best possible country in the future. I’d encourage him to continue to pursue healthcare for all but also to support arts in education, as not only is it a financially successful investment for our country, but it deepens and enriches the lives of all it touches.

RB: If you could ask President Obama one question, what would that be?

DP: What is the best piece of advice he ever received?

RB: What piece of advice would you give President Obama as he’s on the campaign trail?

DP: Win! And reach out to the youth voters. Too many people in my generation don’t vote, and we can change that.

RB: If you were going to send the president to one of your favorite places in the United States for one day, where would that be? Why?

DP: I’d send him home! Let him spend some time with his family. Nothing recharges or reinvigorates me more than spending time with family, and I bet he could use the extra day!

RB: What CD/piece of music would you recommend that President Obama add to his collection? Why?

DP: I love Norah Jones at the end of a long day and think her albums are incredibly soothing. They’re also quite diverse and I find a different album works for different moods.

RB: Would you ever consider a political career? 

DP: Absolutely. I was inspired by my recent trip to D.C. and Capitol Hill with the Creative Coalition and would love the opportunity to continue to fight for causes I believe in.

Source: WashingtonScene

‘Piranha 3DD’ – Fan Review
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Here’s a review written by Christian (@DanielleP_Fan). If you wrote a review of the film and would like to have it published here let me know in the comments area!

Piranha 3DD takes place mostly at a water park 51 percent owned by Chet (played by David Koechner) and 49 percent by Maddy, Chet’s stepdaughter (played by Danielle Panabaker, who’s the lead of the film). Chet is ruining Maddy’s very dear water park by replacing lifeguards with “water-certified strippers”. But a bigger problem is that Chet is illegally drilling down to an underwater lake to pump his own water and could also pump Piranhas directly into the pools!
The flick is written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan and directed by John Gulager. The cast includes also Matt Bush, Chris Zylka, Katrina Bowden, Jean-Luc Bilodeau. And there are cameos of David Hasselhoff, Christopher Lloyd, Gary Busey, Ving Rhames and Paul Scheer.

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‘Piranha 3DD’ – Original Review
By Fredy on June 11, 2012 | Filed in: Piranha 3DD | With 2 Comments »

My own review of the film. This is the second D-Panabaker.Org original review, it’s spoiler-less and only teases a little for those who haven’t seen it yet. Hope you like it!

 A follow-up to a surprisingly successful film, Piranha 3DD (that’s Double D) starts as a faithful sequel to the massacre we got to experience in the 2010 Alexandre Aja-directed Piranha. This time around the movie takes place in a water park located not so far from Lake Victoria, the place where the piranhas killed a massive amount of tourists and locals during their diabolic awakening. After a brief and rather forgettable cameo appearance by Gary Busey, we are introduced to the lead of the film, Maddy (played by Danielle Panabaker) who´s come back home for the summer only to find out her step father Chet (David Koechner) has now turned the dear family-themed water park that she co-owns into an adult-oriented mess, filled with “water-certified strippers”! Unfortunately for Maddy, boobs aren’t the only problem, as the hungry piranhas are back and they have managed to travel all the way down to the lake where Chet is, illegally, getting his water supplies from. Oops!

Even though this is a sequel, hardly anyone from the first film came on board to work on the second part. The director chair was occupied by John Gulager this time, with Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan as the writers. If their names sound familiar you have probably seen Feast and/or its two sequels. I have not, so I’ll judge them based on their Piranha 3DD work alone. Besides Danielle Panabaker and David Koechner the film stars a bunch of relatively-known TV stars including Matt Bush, Chris Zylka, Katrina Bowden and Jean-Luc Bilodeau. Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames and Paul Scheer come back for more fish-and-blood, and a special appearance by David Hasselhoff rounds up the most notable cast of the film.

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Danielle Panabaker To Star In “The Nearlyweds”
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Great news, everyone! Danielle Panabaker is set to star in the new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “The Nearlyweds”. More details coming from THR:

Naomi Judd and Danielle Panabaker are bound for the Hallmark Channel.

The actresses, along with Rookie Blue‘s Travis Milne, have been tapped to star in the cable network’s TV movie The Nearlyweds, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

The project revolves around three friends who have dream weddings only to find out that the pastor who married them failed to complete the key paperwork required to make them official.

Panabaker (Piranha 3DD) will play Erin, whose husband David (Ryan Kennedy) invites his manipulative mother Renee to stay with the couple. Judd will play David’s Monster-in-Law-type mother. Milne will play Nick, one of the other husbands.

Aury Wallington will adapt Beth Kendrick‘s novel, with Bill Greenblatt and Kat Green on board to exec produce; Jamie Goehring will produce.

Singer-actress Judd, repped by WME, kicks off her new Sirius XM radio show Tuesday, with daughter Ashley Judd set as her first guest. Panabaker (Grimm) is with UTA, Management 360 and Bloom Hergott; Milne is with Play Management and One Talent Management.

The pic will premiere in January.

There you have it. A new project to look out for! And one that is more comedy-driven which is, if you have read the latest interviews, something Danielle has been pursuing lately. That makes it even more exciting!

I will, as usual, keep you posted.

Danielle Panabaker – MTV’s “10 On Top”
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Danielle Panabaker and her ‘Piranha 3DD’ co-star Chris Zylka were on last saturday’s “10 On Top” to talk about the film. Check out their segment:

‘Piranha 3DD’ – #25 at the Box Office
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‘Piranha 3DD’ debuted in 25th place at the US Box Office, pulling in $182,237. Expected, since the film only opened in 86 theaters.

  1. Snow White and the Huntsman (Universal) $56,255,000
  2. Men in Black 3 (Sony) $29,300,000
  3. The Dictator (Paramount) $20,273,000
  4. Battleship (Universal)Dark Shadows (Warner Bros.) $4,810,000
  5. The Dictator (Paramount) $4,725,000
  6. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Fox Searchlight) $4,600,000
  7. What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Lionsgate) $4,430,000
  8. Dark Shadows (Warner Bros) $3,860,000
  9. Chernobyl Diaries (Warner Bros) $3,045,000
  10. For Greater Glory (Arc Entertainment) $1,800,000

25. Piranha 3DD (Weinstein/Dimension) $182,237

More ‘Piranha 3DD’ Premiere Videos!
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Some more videos from the premiere of ‘Piranha 3DD’!

In this one Danielle mentions a possible September release for ‘Girls Against Boys’!

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Another Lengthy Interview with Danielle Panabaker
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Very interesting interview. Danielle talks about ‘Piranha 3DD’, but also about her other projects!

At what point doing Mr. BrooksFriday the 13th and The Crazies did you realize horror would be a lucrative thing for you?

Danielle Panabaker: “It was funny, I kept thinking, ‘Well, this’ll be the last one. Well, then I’ll do something different.’ But each movie has offered such a different opportunity and been a unique film.Mr. Brooks, Kevin Costner, William Hurt, just incredible. Then Friday the 13th which was my real introduction to the horror genre and it’s very classic, dark, scary horror. Then Crazies with the zombies, it’s all been something different. With Piranha I think it was the humor that really attracted me to it but hey, I’m an actor and I love to work, so any movie, I’m available.”

Are these types of movies grueling to do?

Danielle Panabaker: “They can be really taxing. Piranha was especially difficult for me because I’m afraid of the water. So any day that involved water, Matt [Bush] and I were doing scuba training on the weekends, it was a really big challenge for me personally.”

What did you need scuba training for? Your character isn’t an expert in scuba.

Danielle Panabaker: “No, she’s not an expert in scuba but any time we’re underwater, like when I’m tied down to that grate, it’s more efficient to keep me tied under there and breathing off of scuba gear rather than having me come up and catch my breath and go back under. So they trained us to breath off of it so that they could shoot quicker.”

Where does that fear of water come from?

Danielle Panabaker: “Childhood. I was thrown in as a child. The teachers thought that that would be the best way to teach me how to swim and it wasn’t. I know how to swim but I don’t enjoy it.”

So for everyone who thinks that works, it doesn’t.

Danielle Panabaker: “It didn’t work for me. Maybe it works for some people, but it didn’t work for me.”

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‘Piranha 3DD’ – 10th Video Interview
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Coming from MovieWeb. Check it out!

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