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2010 Blockbuster Films: The Ward
By Fredy on January 8, 2010 | Filed in: Articles, The Ward | With No Comments »

Both The Crazies (coming February 26) and The Ward (coming September 24)   are considered interesting 2010 material at the pictures. Especially the latter, and that’s no surprise. Not only is the cast leaded by Amber Heard and Danielle Panabaker but the director, John Carpenter, is a horror legend!

Here’s a small quote coming from WalesOnline:

Following on from a year of big hits (stand up Star Trek) and equally big misses (we’re looking at you GI Joe), Matt Thomas takes a look at what 2010 has in store at the pictures…


Ben Affleck writes directs and stars in edgy thriller The Town (10th) while horror maestro John Carpenter flexes his shock muscles with return-to-form The Ward (24th).

More info about The Ward and Danielle’s character can be found here.

Fango #290: Mad About The Crazies
By Fredy on December 22, 2009 | Filed in: Articles, The Crazies | With No Comments »

Fangoria Entertainment has released a set report for The Crazies. Read below:

Blam! Brains and blood splatter the windshield of a big rig as the character who just took a shot to the head flies backward, slamming down on the concrete. Elsewhere in the truck bay/workshop, the smell of burning flesh hangs heavy in the air (actually, the chemical stench of a previously safely-on-fire stuntman). Gunfire echoes in the hangar-sized building; “Cut!” is called, playback watched, and then on to another setup on the remake of George A. Romero’s THE CRAZIES.

It’s a slightly nippy March night in Georgia, and day 12 of the nine-week shoot on the latest gruesome facelift of a ’70s horror movie, being directed on a significantly higher budget by Breck Eisner (whose credits include SAHARA and FEAR ITSELF’s THE SACRIFICE). Having an estimated $25 million to play with gives Eisner the opportunity to take Romero’s core concept and give it an action-packed approach the original could never achieve due to its low budget (shot in 1972, it cost around $220,000). Overture Films (the theatrical arm of Starz Media, which owns popular genre-centric DVD label Anchor Bay) releases the new CRAZIES February 26.

To read the full release go here.

For the whole story, buy FANGORIA #290 here! On-stands January 19th!

Amber Heard on John Carpenter’s The Ward
By Fredy on October 16, 2009 | Filed in: Articles, The Ward | With No Comments »

Amber Heard digs horror. Fact. And we love her all the more for it.

The All the Boys Love Mandy Lane star can be seen in The Stepfather, which hits theaters tomorrow, and she tells us she had a blast playing one of the undead in Zombieland. Up next, John Carpenter’s The Ward which she recently wrapped shooting and told us a bit about on the phone today.

“I think it’s awesome,” she enthused. “John is a legend and rightfully so. I love that I got to work with him.”

Heard co-stars alongside Danielle Panabaker and Jared Harris in what is Carpenter’s first feature film since Ghosts of Mars. “My character is arrested and thrown into an institution in the ’60s,” she explains of the supernatural thriller. “She meets all of these other characters and things start happening in the institution. You have to second-guess your main character, me, because she is in a mental institution. There are a lot of things that are coming in and out of the story and you don’t know what to think. It’s pretty intense. The film’s in post-production and it will hopefully honor the script, but it was fantastic and a thrilling story.”

The Ward is expected to hit theaters next year.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

The Crazies Teaser Poster & Early Review
By Fredy on September 29, 2009 | Filed in: Articles, Gallery Updates, The Crazies | With No Comments »

Here’s an early review of Danielle’s new film The Crazies, a remake of George Romero’s classic horror opening February 26, 2010. It’s a pretty positive review, and even though it’s still a work-in-progress I must say I can’t wait! Additionally, a very 80’s horror new teaser poster has been realeased, clik on the thumbnail to view the full high resolution version:

While there have been a few good remakes, or re-imaginings, or whatever you want to call them (Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes to name a couple) the majority of them have come across as generally pointless cash-ins on franchises that haven’t even had much monetary or cultural relevance these days. So when I was invited to check out a remake of George A. Romero’s The Crazies, even though I hadn’t seen the original, my hopes were more or less pretty low to non existent.

My tune quickly changed… the towns sheriff (Timothy Olyphant), his deputy (Joe Anderson), a doctor (Rhada Mitchell); who also happens to be our young sheriff’s wife, and her young assistant played by a veteran in progress of the remake game, Friday the 13th’s Danielle Panabraker, fight for survival as they search the small, heavily military occupied, town for a way out.

All key actors do an above adequate job in their roles with Anderson providing a lot of laughs as the situation gets more and more dire.

Read the whole review (caution: may contain a few “spoilers”) : Arrow In the Head

GL Magazine and More Fame Premiere Photos
By Fredy on September 24, 2009 | Filed in: 2009 Appearances, 2009 Film Premieres, Articles, Gallery Updates, Kay Panabaker | With No Comments »

Kay Panabaker is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Girls Life Magazine, which includes a very interesting article about her personal life and Fame. A few quotes about her early relationship with her sis Danielle:

Kay grew up with an older sis, Danielle, 22, who’s also an actress. And just like most little sisters, Kay idolized Danielle, wanting to be just as cool and popular. The only problem? Like most big sisters, Danielle didn’t want anything to do with Kay.

“I was always tagging along. I just wanted her to pay attention to me” says Kay. “We didn’t fight but we also didn’t spend that much time together. We just weren’t close. She had her friends, and when she was with her friends, I wasn’t allowed anywhere near them… At first, I could do nothing right. There was nothing that could make us like each other. But then she hit a point where I was the cute sister, and she could look after me.”

Today, Danielle and Kay are pretty much inseparable. (“She’s my closest, best friend. I tell her everything. She tells me everything,” says Kay.) And they’re there for each other through the ups and downs that come along as they pursue their Hollywood dreams.

Be sure to get the issue at your local stands to read the whole article! And of course, over a hundred new photos of Danielle Panabaker (looking like a rock star) and Kay attending the Fame Los Angeles Premiere have been added to the gallery, including some HQ’s. Enjoy!

Fame, Kay and Double Dates
By Fredy on September 13, 2009 | Filed in: Articles, Kay Panabaker | With No Comments »

If Kay Panabaker, earmarked by Hollywood Reporter as “one to watch”, is starting to look familiar, make sure you’ve got the right Panabaker in your sights. Older sister Danielle, 22, is a spitting image – most recognisable from a long-running stint on the American TV series Shark, playing James Woods’ daughter, her turn in 2005 Disney flick Sky High and a role as Rene Russo’s daughter in the step-sibling fest Yours, Mine and Ours.

The sisters are also best friends… “Eventually I’m sure we will go up for the same roles but we have such different personalities and such different styles of acting there is no competition,” says Panabaker of her sister’s career. “I’m more upset because she travels and I travel and it’s like, when are we going to see each other?”

When they do catch up, it’s been to double date with their boyfriends (both of whom, says Kay, “are in the business, which is nice”).

Fame opens in cinemas on September 25!

Read the full interview at: Couriermail

For more info on Kay’s projects visit our wonderful affiliate: Totally Kay

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