2011 Spike TV Scream Awards to present first ‘Piranha 3DD’ clip!
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We’ve been waiting for a long time to see some official footage of Danielle’s latest flick ‘Piranha 3DD’, and this Tuesday the wait will be finally over!

Dread Central attended this year’s Spike TV “Scream Awards” a few hours ago and has reported the first clip was shown during the show, right after the Most Memorable Mutilation award was granted to Piranha 3D:

9:56pm – Most Memorable Mutilation – Scalped Alive By Motorboat, Piranha 3D – (Accepting: Hologram of Scalped Girl Head; Presenter: The Cast of Death Valley)

Piranha 3DD clip plays – Ving Rhames’ character has guns mounted on his fake legs!

So you won’t want to miss the two-hour event, which will air on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 18 (9:00–11:00 PM, ET/PT). We might get to see Danielle somewhere in that clip!

No ‘Piranha 3DD’ this Thanksgiving
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It’s official guys: ‘Piranha 3DD; has been pulled out from its November 23 slot. The Weinstein Company has scheduled it for 2012, but no replacement date has been announced yet.

I’m sure some of you were already expecting this, since the film doesn’t even have an official poster yet, and Danielle Panabaker was recently back on set to shoot some additional scenes. No trailer, no press stills, this was going to be announced sooner or later. Now let’s hope for some promotion to start sometime this month!

Sources: BoxOfficeMojo, ShockTillYouDrop

‘Weakness’ DVD Screencaptures
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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last update, the combination of lack of news and lack of time have made the site a little steady lately. But I have a nice surprise: I got my copy of ‘Weakness’ a couple of weeks ago (you may have noticed if you follow the site on Twitter @dpanabakerorg) and over 700 screencaptures have now been added to the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

I truly enjoyed the film,which is a small independent drama with a spice of comedy. Danielle Beck is the name of Danielle’s character, and her arch is a mix of awkward, funny, sexy and calm moments that won’t disappoint any Danielle Panabaker fan!

Happy birthday, Danielle Panabaker!
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Today is Danielle Panabaker‘s 24th birthday! I would like to wish our beautiful star an amazing day surrounded by her friends and family. To express our love and support, Christian (@DanielleP_Fan) – Big thanks to him for his awesome job! – and myself have put up a small video remembering Danielle’s latest projects. We hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to leave a message for Danielle by commenting on this post, or better yet let her know directly through her Twitter account: @dpanabaker

That’s a wrap on ‘Girls Against Boys’
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Principal photography has wrapped for ‘Girls Against Boys,’ both Danielle Panabaker and producer Daniel Sollinger tweeted this yesterday, September 14, 2011.

@dpanabaker: That’s a wrap! What an amazing experience – so grateful!

@rosehammer: Principal Photography is wrapped on GIRLS AGAINST BOYS

No release date has been announced yet, we’ll keep you posted!

Writer Patrick Melton talks ‘Piranha 3DD’
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Dread Central had the chance to speak with ‘Piranha 3DD’ writer Patrick Melton. Here’s what he had to say about the film and its highly anticipated trailer:

Just the other day I watched the latest edit, and it’s insane – blood, boobs, and piranhas galore. It’s in the same playful tone as the first film, picking up about a year later at a water park down-stream. I was hoping Dimension Films would have the trailer play before (the currently running) Apollo 18, but it wasn’t ready in time. The trailer is so much fun, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. Considering it has ‘DD’ in the title, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect: a wild and crazy ride best watched with friends and served with a cocktail.

‘Piranha 3DD’ stars Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka and Katrina Bowden. It will debut in theaters on November 23!

‘The Shunning’ now available on DVD!
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Just a reminder fans. The Shunning DVD is out TODAY, you can get your copy at Amazon!

Danielle Panabaker (the Friday the 13th remake) gives a delightful performance as Katie Lapp, the girl whose life is turned upside down after a series of mysterious events.

DVD Bonus Features

There are four deleted scenes and a bunch of trailers for other melodramatic films.

Source: Just Press Play

Interview with ‘Weakness’ director Michael Melamedoff
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Danielle Panabaker‘s indie feature ‘Weakness’ is now available on DVD and VOD! Here’s an interview with director Michael Melamedoff, coming from Gravitas Ventures:

What inspired you to write the story that eventually became the film? Are there any connections between the film’s plot and your life or someone you know?
I started writing “Weakness” a year after graduating college. It began as a very loose collection of ideas and characters. I wrote a draft at 22 and put it away for a long time. In my mid-20?s I ended a long term relationship, and in the months that followed made a series of choices that felt overtly familiar. I dug out the first draft of “Weakness” and recognized elements of my own decision making on the page. What interested me weren’t the events themselves, as much as the way I had sublimated my desires over the course of many years. How people come to terms with their needs and desires is an interesting subject to me. I subsequently began rewriting and expanding the script, introducing a new world of characters as well. Most significantly, Danielle Panabaker’s character did not exist in early drafts of the script.

Many of the film’s main characters have been involved in major studio films over the past few years. How did you choose whom to cast and how did you get them interested in your film?
I actually wrote the role of “Elizabeth” for June Diane Raphael; we’ve been friends for about ten years now. Additionally, I had a wonderful producer and casting director on this film, Lois Drabkin. Her presence in the casting industry made it possible to get the script into the right hands. I was then fortunate that a lot of very talented people responded to the material. I spent a year flying back and forth between New York and California casting the film. I didn’t audition anyone for this film; I simply sat down and talked with everyone over coffee. Bobby Cannavale and I primarily talked about sports in our meeting. I remember meeting Danielle Panabaker — she was my very first casting meeting for this film — and knowing immediately that she was the one.

Check out the full interview right here!

Be sure to get your own copy on Amazon or iTunes!

‘Weakness’ now available on DVD!
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Just a reminder fans. The Weakness DVD is out TODAY, you can get your copy at Amazon or iTunes!

The gallery has been updated with a new production still featuring beautiful Danielle Panabaker. You can check it out by clicking on the picture above!

Weakness follows the life of high school teacher Joshua Polansky (Bobby Cannavale), whose world is falling apart: his wife, Elizabeth (June Diane Raphael), wants to start swinging; his mother, Lenore (Phyllis Somerville), thinks she has terminal cancer; and his autistic brother, Pete (Keith Nobbs), who resides at an assisted living home. At school, things get complicated as a love triangle of sorts develops between Joshua and his teaching colleagues, the wise-cracking Bart (Josh Charles), and idealist Katharine (Lily Rabe). When Elizabeth leaves him, Joshua retreats from his responsibilities and begins dating Danielle, (Danielle Panabaker), a former student who has postponed attending college. Joshua’s subsequent regression and indecision fail to mask his anger and hurt, leading to a series of events that force him to reconsider not only his decisions, but the subtle and profound ways that people affect one another.

‘Weakness’ stars Bobby Cannavale and Danielle Panabaker.

‘Piranha 3DD’ director John Gulager shares some details!
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Coming from The Daily Blam!

Gulager says that “anything and everything” fans can expect to happen when piranhas are unleashed in a water park will be in the sequel. In comparison to the first film Gulager conveyed the sequel is “kind of sillier,” but will still bring the gore and nudity as the first film did. “It’s Piranha 3DD and we bring the DDs!” When I addressed my concerns about how the piranhas carnage in a water park would compare to a giant lake considering the victims can just jump out of the pools he replied, “That was one of our jokes. I was thinking… even in the lake, if you look at it, it’s about 15 minutes for someone to go about 20 ft. You know? All they have to do is get out of the water so it’s still the same thing.”

In the first film, it was revealed that the killer fish responsible for the film’s death toll were merely the babies, and that there were still bigger fish to fry… much bigger fish. When I inquired about the giant piranhas playing a role in the sequel he teased, “Maybe you’ll see bigger ones… and smaller ones. Like little hatchlings maybe.” He then added, “we kind of felt obligated [to include them]… You will see big ones but not as many as maybe we started out with in the script. [laughs] You know how that goes.”

Word was going around that the awaited trailer was scheduled to be released before the sci-fi horror film Apollo 18, which was later stated as false. Gulager says he’s not sure when the trailer will be brought out but he has seen it and says “it’s pretty awesome” and if you’re a fan of this kind of film then you will dig it.

‘Piranha 3DD’ stars Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka and Katrina Bowden. It will debut in theaters on November 23!