‘The Ward’ Blu-ray Special Features
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Thanks to @DanielleP_Fan the gallery has been updated with screencaptures of Danielle Panabaker’s interview, one of the special features included in the UK Blu-ray release of John Carpenter’s ‘The Ward’. I went a little crazy with the screencaps, but only because Danielle’s facial expressions are way too cute! Here’s some good icon material for the artists, enjoy the prettiness:

Complex Magazine Photoshoot!
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The current issue (October/November) of Complex Magazine features a spread on Danielle Panabaker. The gallery has been updated with three pics from that particular shoot, thanks so much to @DanielleP_Fan for the heads up. This is definitely one of Danielle’s hottest photoshoots to date (Along with 2009’s GQ). Check it out by clicking on the thumbnails below!

We’re doing our best to bring you high quality scans of the magazine, but if you happen to have a copy and would like to make a donation, please feel free to do so. We’ll give you full credit!

Piranha 3DD – First Teaser!
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The first teaser for Piranha 3DD! As shown tonight during Spike TV’s 2011 Scream Awards. It looks pretty cool (not to mention hilariously ridiculous!) Unfortunately the quality won’t let my eyes know if Danielle Panabaker is anywhere to be seen, what do you think? Unfortunately Danielle Panabaker isn’t featured, hopefully the full-length trailer will show more of her character!

I’ll get you a better version as soon as I can! Here’s the teaser trailer in all its HD glory!


Danielle Panabaker to star in ABC Family’s “Intercept”!
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Exciting news today! Danielle Panabaker is set to star in the ABC Family pilot Intercept.

Intercept is a one-hour technology- and action-driven drama about four college students who get roped into solving crimes when one of them creates a high-tech communication device that intercepts conversations throughout the West Coast. Panabaker will play one of the two girls on the team, Kat, described as the prettiest and coolest girl on campus. Also cast in the pilot is Chloe Wang as Tess, the other female member of the team, a pretty, bookish techie.

Source: Deadline TV

2011 Spike TV Scream Awards to present first ‘Piranha 3DD’ clip!
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We’ve been waiting for a long time to see some official footage of Danielle’s latest flick ‘Piranha 3DD’, and this Tuesday the wait will be finally over!

Dread Central attended this year’s Spike TV “Scream Awards” a few hours ago and has reported the first clip was shown during the show, right after the Most Memorable Mutilation award was granted to Piranha 3D:

9:56pm – Most Memorable Mutilation – Scalped Alive By Motorboat, Piranha 3D – (Accepting: Hologram of Scalped Girl Head; Presenter: The Cast of Death Valley)

Piranha 3DD clip plays – Ving Rhames’ character has guns mounted on his fake legs!

So you won’t want to miss the two-hour event, which will air on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 18 (9:00–11:00 PM, ET/PT). We might get to see Danielle somewhere in that clip!

No ‘Piranha 3DD’ this Thanksgiving
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It’s official guys: ‘Piranha 3DD; has been pulled out from its November 23 slot. The Weinstein Company has scheduled it for 2012, but no replacement date has been announced yet.

I’m sure some of you were already expecting this, since the film doesn’t even have an official poster yet, and Danielle Panabaker was recently back on set to shoot some additional scenes. No trailer, no press stills, this was going to be announced sooner or later. Now let’s hope for some promotion to start sometime this month!

Sources: BoxOfficeMojo, ShockTillYouDrop

‘Weakness’ DVD Screencaptures
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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last update, the combination of lack of news and lack of time have made the site a little steady lately. But I have a nice surprise: I got my copy of ‘Weakness’ a couple of weeks ago (you may have noticed if you follow the site on Twitter @dpanabakerorg) and over 700 screencaptures have now been added to the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

I truly enjoyed the film,which is a small independent drama with a spice of comedy. Danielle Beck is the name of Danielle’s character, and her arch is a mix of awkward, funny, sexy and calm moments that won’t disappoint any Danielle Panabaker fan!

Happy birthday, Danielle Panabaker!
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Today is Danielle Panabaker‘s 24th birthday! I would like to wish our beautiful star an amazing day surrounded by her friends and family. To express our love and support, Christian (@DanielleP_Fan) – Big thanks to him for his awesome job! – and myself have put up a small video remembering Danielle’s latest projects. We hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to leave a message for Danielle by commenting on this post, or better yet let her know directly through her Twitter account: @dpanabaker

That’s a wrap on ‘Girls Against Boys’
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Principal photography has wrapped for ‘Girls Against Boys,’ both Danielle Panabaker and producer Daniel Sollinger tweeted this yesterday, September 14, 2011.

@dpanabaker: That’s a wrap! What an amazing experience – so grateful!

@rosehammer: Principal Photography is wrapped on GIRLS AGAINST BOYS

No release date has been announced yet, we’ll keep you posted!

Writer Patrick Melton talks ‘Piranha 3DD’
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Dread Central had the chance to speak with ‘Piranha 3DD’ writer Patrick Melton. Here’s what he had to say about the film and its highly anticipated trailer:

Just the other day I watched the latest edit, and it’s insane – blood, boobs, and piranhas galore. It’s in the same playful tone as the first film, picking up about a year later at a water park down-stream. I was hoping Dimension Films would have the trailer play before (the currently running) Apollo 18, but it wasn’t ready in time. The trailer is so much fun, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. Considering it has ‘DD’ in the title, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect: a wild and crazy ride best watched with friends and served with a cocktail.

‘Piranha 3DD’ stars Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka and Katrina Bowden. It will debut in theaters on November 23!