Danielle Panabaker to star in The Shunning
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According to Deadline.com Danielle Panabaker is set to star in Hallmark’s Beverly Lewis’s The Shunning. Faith-based company Mission Pictures International will handle international sales, along with AFFIRM Films, a division of Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions.

The project stars Danielle Panabaker and Sherry Stringfeld. The Michael Landon Jr.-helmed film begins production this monday November 8 and is about a young woman discovering her identity while coming to peace with the faith of her parents.

Here’s the full synopsis:

All her life Katie Lapp (Danielle Panabaker) has longed for the forbidden things, but will her dreams come at a price too dear to pay? Why would Katie’s mother, a plain and simple Amish-woman who embraces the old ways, hide a beautiful satin baby dress in the attic? The staggering answers come on the eve of Katie’s wedding to widower Bishop John with the arrival of a beautiful “Englisher” woman who has been searching for her – throwing her life – present and future – into confusion.

Happy Halloween!
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Happy Halloween everyone! To continue our tradtition here’s a little treat for you:

I’ve uploaded six frightening The Crazies clips to the Video Archives, click on the thumbnails below to download. But be sure to get the film on DVD if you haven’t yet, and watch the whole movie with your friends tonight!

Have safe fun!

First photo of Danielle Panabaker at Austin!
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random_0013.jpgThe gallery has been updated with the first photo of Danielle Panabaker at Austin, TX. Looking very casual and happy :)

Hopefully more photos from the “Weakness” screening and Q&A Session will pop up later!

Credit for the pic goes to Townsend Davies and Cindy Martinez, who were lucky enough to meet Danielle!

Feel free to send you own photos if you get to meet her too.

Weakness: New Stills and Facebook Page
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I’ve updated the gallery with two new Weakness stills. Danielle looks BEAUTIFUL in these so be sure to check them out!

Also, the film’s got an official Facebook page. You can access it and become a fan by clicking here.

Weakness stars Bobby Cannavale and Danielle Panabaker. It’s set to premiere later TODAY at the Austin Film Festival.

Danielle Panabaker expected at AFF
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So this comes a little late but, according to director Michael Melamedoff, Danielle Panabaker will be attending the premiere of Weakness tomorrow during the Austin Film Festival:

Michael Melamedoff: Please join me and star Danielle Panabaker at a screening of our film, Weakness, this Sunday and Monday evening. We’ll be participating in a Q&A after the screening.

The director also posted:

Please join the cast and crew of WEAKNESS on Sunday, October 24 at 6:30pm or Monday, October 25 at 9:30pm for a screening and q&a after.

So expect some pictures and videos coming later!

Austin Film Festival: Weakness Review
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The first review of Weakness is here. Coming from Smells Like Screen Spirit:

Weakness, the debut feature film by writer-director Michael Melamedoff, is a very eloquent yet dismally realistic portrayal of a lost and confused man who could probably be satisfied with a way to just decelerate the dreadful downward spiral of his existence. Joshua’s life, at least as represented in Weakness, is like a 90-minute long train wreck (Melamedoff’s film utilizes events such as a fall from a roof and a near car crash as metaphors for Joshua’s life); and Cannavale, in his doleful and subdued performance, ably conveys Joshua’s many weaknesses without always verbalizing them. Joshua definitely does not make the best choices or say the most appropriate things; in many ways Joshua just plows through life with a kind of nonchalance, just assuming that things will begin to improve without his urging.

If you, like me, are still recovering from an emotional break-up, Weakness may hit a little too close to home. Some scenes ring a bit too true for my liking, at least at this juncture in my life. That does not mean Weakness is not a good film; if anything, that is definitely a compliment to Melamedoff and his cast.

Read the whole review here.

Weakness stars Bobby Cannavale, Danielle Panabaker, Josh Charles and June Diane Raphael. The film is set to premiere this sunday, October 24th during the Austin Film Festival. More info can be found here.

Law & Order: Los Angeles – Clips
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I’ve finally updated the video archives with 9 clips of Danielle’s performance as Chelsea Sennett in Hollywood, the first episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles.

Remember screencaptures of the episode are already available in our gallery.

All the clips are zipped and available for direct download for quality purposes.

More info about Hollywood and Danielle’s character can be found here.

Sitges Film Festival: The Ward Review
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Coming from Arrow In The Head:

The film itself reeled me in right off the bat with its very cool/stylized opening credits and its gripping prologue which was shot in a fashion that shouted loud and proud “Carpenter still has it”. Once within the ward, I was engaged throughout; tantalized by the mystery at hand, cock-teased by the ghostly happenings while getting my ass jolted by the potent scares on hand. Amber Heard in the lead was a wise casting choice. For me, she was rocking like Dokken in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane with her striking looks and solid performance, then she kind of became the “pretty girl” in films and The Ward gave her another opportunity to flex her acting chops and thankfully she did it with intensity and passion.

Heard was well supported with a mostly able side cast. Danielle Panabaker as the vain Sarah, Mamie Gummer as the bitchy Emily, D.R. Anderson as the cold orderly and Jared Harris as the “maybe he cares, maybe he doesn’t” Dr. Stringer stood out the most. With that said, the cast was pretty much all on the ball.

So why isn’t my score higher? The script. The flick tried so hard to be so many films at the same time (a slasher, a J Horror ghost movie, a mindf*ck mystery) that it kind of never found an identity of its own. Just felt like a greatest hits of better movies that came before it. Un-original was the word and me stimulated less than I should have been was the result.

Read the whole review here.

Some Gallery Updates
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The Ward debuted earlier today at the Sitges International Film Festival. Let’s hope it gets a distribution deal this time! I will be posting new reviews as soon as they become available.

In the mean time I’ve updated the gallery with a few unseen pics featuring Danielle Panabaker:

  • “The Ward” World Premiere – 2010 Toronto International Film Festival
  • “The Ward” Q&A Session – 2010 Toronto International Film Festival
  • Premiere of NBC’s “Law & Order: Los Angeles” – Arrivals
  • “Friday the 13th” – 1 Production Still

Click on the thumbnails to see them all:

Law & Order: Los Angeles – Hollywood Screencaptures
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I’ve updated the gallery with 309 HD screencaps of wednesday’s episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles, titled “Hollywood”. Sorry it took me so long!

I must say it was a good episode, but nothing like Law & Order. I love the brand but this one didn’t feel like the original or SVU. Danielle’s character, Chelsea Sennett, didn’t have as much screentime as I would’ve liked. Her final scene was very good though. (Oh and Danielle reunited with her Friday the 13th co-star Travis Van Winkle during this episode!)

If you missed it don’t worry, I will be uploading some clips within the next couple of days =)

For now enjoy these screencaps in glorious high definition!