“The Flash” Gets Full-Season Order!
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The Flash

It’s official, “The Flash” is getting 23 episodes:

“The Flash” and “Jane the Virgin,” two of fall’s most well-received new shows, have gotten full-season orders at The CW, the network announced today.

“The Flash,” which is a spinoff of the network’s well-received “Arrow,” opened with one of the biggest audiences for a CW show in Live+3 (6.2 million), beating ABC and Fox shows in the time period — which is unusual for the network…

“We have had a fantastic start to our season this year, with ‘The Flash’ launching as our most-watched series premiere ever, and ‘Jane the Virign’ recognized as the best new show this season by critics across the country,” said CW prexy Mark Pedowitz. “Over the past three seasons, we have made it our mission to grow and to broaden out our audience, and to keep raising the bar with the quality and impact of our new shows, and ‘The Flash’ and ‘Jane’ have both exceeded our expectations on all counts. I’m thrilled to announce full season orders for both of these terrific new series.”

Source: Variety & Grant Gustin

More video interviews with Danielle Panabaker!
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Danielle talks about the flashbacks in tonight’s episode, the upcoming Flash-Arrow crossover, Caitlin and Barry’s relationship, Caitlin’s future as Killer Frost, and Caitlin, Cisco and Wells’ relationship.

They’re all part of the same press conference, so some of the questions are repeated, but each video has a few different questions.

Source: BuddyTV

Source: HitFix

“The Flash” 1.03: Things You Can’t Outrun – New Clip!
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Variety has released a new flashback clip from tonight’s episode. In the clip we get to meet Caitlin’s fiancé, Ronnie Raymond, and we get a glimpse from the particle accelerator’s malfunction. Check it out:

Who is Ronnie Raymond — how would you define him when we first meet him?
As a fan of the show, I’ve been reading the scripts and I’ve watched the same amount of episodes as the fans — I’ve only seen one and two — and a really cool thing about my character is, I really see through Danielle’s character, Caitlin, and she’s a completely different person with my character than she is with everyone else. She’s this scientist, a little neurotic, and then Ronnie can break down those walls — he’s got a sense of humor about him. Even though he works in STAR Labs, he’s very much the hammer-and-nails guy, he’s hands-on — it’s like he’s a mechanic working with a bunch of scientists.

What do you think draws him to Caitlin?
We haven’t got to work too much through our relationship yet but the nice thing was, it was on the page one way, and the first thing we shot were scenes between Danielle and I, and they were like, “feel free to improvise and do your own thing, we want it to feel like you guys didn’t just meet today.” And the nice thing was that Danielle and I have a couple of mutual friends and we just chatted on set before we shot anything and she’s so sweet and so great in that character, we just had fun. I’ve seen some clips and it seems like it came across well so hopefully people see some chemistry.

Read more at Variety.

Danielle Panabaker and Grant Gustin talk Caitlin, Ronnie & Barry
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The Flash - Caitlin, Ronnie and Barry

Danielle Panabaker and Grant Gustin talked to TVLine about the return of Caitlin’s presumed deceased fiancé, Ronnie Raymond, which starts with some flashbacks in tonight’s episode; and Caitlin and Barry’s relationship:

“I’m so excited for the flashbacks,” star Danielle Panabaker said during a recent set visit. “It’s a great thing to see Caitlin in her element. She’s a scientist, and she’s excited. This is sort of their Mona Lisa. It’s an incredible unveiling that they’re doing, and she gets to share it with the love of her life, her fiancé.”

Whereas present day Caitlin is closed off, “there’s so much warmth” between the pair in the memories, a vibe Panabaker found easily accessible.

“What’s so great about Robbie is that he’s such a wonderful actor, it made [the chemistry] innate with us,” the actress says. “I adore him, and we have such a great chemistry just as people. So hopefully that comes across when you first see [Caitlin and Ronnie]. There is so much love there and so much happiness. You begin to understand why she’s a sad scientist these days.”

Given that Amell will reprise his role as one half of the DC Comics entity known as Firestorm – and everyone will encounter him “sooner than I expected,” Gustin teases – how might Caitlin react to seeing her supposedly lost love?

“Caitlin is doing a lot of grieving,” Panabaker replies. “She’s having a hard time letting go of him, and she’s displacing some of her grief on Barry. I can only imagine the trauma of something such as thinking your fiancé was dead, and then maybe suspecting otherwise.”

At least that scenario is potentially less damaging than going from being lovers to bitter foes. In the comics, Caitlin Snow becomes the supervillian Killer Frost, who counts Firestorm among her enemies. It’s a potential fate that Panabaker finds “really exciting.”

“What’s so cool about this show is — at least in my experience — how faithful they are being to all the comic-book lore,” she explains. “They’re so respectful of the stories that have been told. The thought that goes into The Flash costume and all of that, it would be exciting to be a part of that.”

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Robbie Amell Talks “The Flash,” Ronnie and Caitlin
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The Flash - Robbie Amell and Danielle Panabaker

Robbie Amell talked to Collider about his upcoming appearance as Ronnie Raymond, Caitlin Snow’s finacé, on “The Flash”:

After spending a season forming bonds and establishing a family dynamic on The Tomorrow People, was it challenging to switch gears and find your place among the actors and characters on The Flash, or did it feel pretty smooth?

AMELL: What’s great is that they shoot in Vancouver. I got to set and it was 70% Tomorrow People crew. It was all familiar faces who were so happy to see me, and I was so happy to see them. It was like coming back for a second season, with some new cast members. Danielle [Panabaker] is good friends with Aaron Yoo, who played Russell on The Tomorrow People, so he told her that I was going to be there. We hit it off, right away. We just talked about mutual friends. It was good. They’re all great people. I actually hadn’t met Grant [Gustin] until I got there, but I was like, “I feel like I know you,” having been in the same world on The CW. And he was like, “Yeah, man, me too!” Everybody up there is so talented and so nice. It’s a really easy group of people to start working with.

What can you say about who Ronnie Raymond is?

AMELL: Ronnie works with all of these scientists, but he’s the hands-on guy. He’s the mechanic among the group of engineers. He’s got this way about him where he can bring people out of their shell. If you watch the dynamic between he and Caitlin, compared to Caitlin and everyone else, she’s a little neurotic and by-the-books and everything is calculated, but Ronnie can pull her out of that and just let her drop her guard a little. I wanted that to be a staple of this character. He’s almost got a little goofiness to him, where he can make people feel comfortable and lighten things up. You won’t see that from him in December. When you find him in December, he’s a little distraught. But before things go down, he’s definitely on the lighter side of things.

Because she was much more closed of than she was with him, what did Ronnie see in Caitlin?

AMELL: She’s this beautiful, brilliant scientist, but what fans will see is the part of her that Ronnie fell in love with. There’s this funny, charming, beautiful woman behind that little bit neurotic, calculating scientist. The dynamic between them shows why there were together and why it worked.

Will we learn about why he’s stayed away and why he’s let Caitlin believe that he’s dead, instead of coming forward and telling her what happened?

AMELL: You definitely will. You only see me briefly, for my first episode in December, but then you see me again, right after that. You get a sense as to why he stayed away. It’s for her own safety. He doesn’t really know what’s happened to him. It’s been almost a year, and he can’t put it together. He didn’t get killed by the particle accelerator, but something happened. He’s a little schizophrenic. He’s definitely scared. And he doesn’t want to hurt anybody, especially Caitlin.

How do you think she’ll feel, discovering that not only is he not dead, but he’s a bit different from the last time she saw him?

AMELL: The first time you see me, it’s almost horror movie-esque. It’s very cool. I can’t tell you too much about it.

Read more at Collider.

[Video] Danielle Panabaker Teases Caitlin/Ronnie in “The Flash”
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GiveMeMyRemoteTV had the chance to talk to Danielle about her character in “The Flash,” Caitlin Snow, and Caitlin’s fiancé, Ronnie Raymond in tomorrow night’s episode, “Things You Can’t Outrun.” Check out the short interview:

“The Flash” 1.03: Things You Can’t Outrun – Clip!
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Here’s a short clip from tomorrow night‘s episode of “The Flash,” titled “Things You Can’t Outrun.” Apparently, the episode will put Danielle’s character in the spotlight, so don’t miss it!

“The Flash” 1.02: Fastest Man Alive – Screencaptures!
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The Flash - Fastest Man Alive

The gallery has been updated with over 300 screencaptures in glorious HD from the episode 1.02 of “The Flash,” titled “Fastest Man Alive.” Check them out!

The Flash - Fastest Man Alive The Flash - Fastest Man Alive The Flash - Fastest Man Alive The Flash - Fastest Man Alive The Flash - Fastest Man Alive

“Franklin & Bash” 4.09: Episode Stills
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Franklin & Bash: Spirits in the Material World

5 stills from Danielle’s return to TNT’s “Franklin & Bash” in last night’s episode, titled “Spirits in the Material World” have been added to the gallery!

If you missed it, the episode is now available on the show’s official website, right here!

Franklin & Bash: Spirits in the Material World Franklin & Bash: Spirits in the Material World Franklin & Bash: Spirits in the Material World Franklin & Bash: Spirits in the Material World Franklin & Bash: Spirits in the Material World

“The Flash” 1.03: Things You Can’t Outrun – Promo
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Here’s the promo for the upcoming episode of “The Flash,” titled “Things You Can’t Outrun”.