More “Necessary Roughness” Info + New Clip!
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Necessary Roughness

Danielle Panabaker returns to “Necessary Roughness” (more about her first appearance on the show) this Wednesday, January 23 in Season 2, Episode 12: “Frozen Fish Sticks”. She will reprise her role as Juliette Pittman, daughter of the now deceased Marshall Pittman, and therefore new owner of the New York Hawks. She will be featured in 4 of the upcoming episodes. Examiner.com has something more to say about her character:

As season 2 continues, we’ll also see TK building another relationship, but Brooks wouldn’t say how close he gets to that person. The person in question is Danielle Panabaker’s Juliette Pittman. Both have had struggles with addiction, but he’s taking his recovery much more seriously than she is. The actor teased, “They start hanging out a little bit, and one things leads to another, and then there’s an opportunity for TK to cross the line.” He wouldn’t say if it does, but this relationship will give “a little insight into how much he’s changed.”

Read on and watch a new clip featuring a not-so-sober Juliette:

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Q&A With ‘Girls Against Boys’ Co-Producer
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Girls Against Boys

Dread Central brings another exclusive interview. This time with ‘Girls Against Boys’ Co-Producer, Daniel Sollinger. He has some interesting things to say about both the film and Danielle Panabaker. I’ve also updated the gallery with two new stills from the movie, read on to discover both of them!

Dread Central: What attracted you to this project?

Daniel Sollinger: The script had gotten very good coverage at my agency, and my agent was excited that they were considering me. But when I read the script, I didn’t quite get it. I knew it was different, and that the dialogue was unique, but I wasn’t sure how the violence was going to play and how the relationship between the two girls would work. Then, once I started talking to Austin (read our previous interview with Austin Chick here), and got a sense of where he was going, I knew it was going to be a fun ride, and I jumped on board.

Dread Central: How was it working with Austin Chick in assisting him realize his vision?

Daniel Sollinger: Mediocre directors are easy to produce for because there are no surprises. For example, you know they are going to do a master shot, a medium shot, and then a close-up. A good director is much more challenging because they do things differently and are not satisfied by mediocrity. Austin is like that. He really pushes everyone, not just to do the best job they have ever done, but to think differently. He is the most focused director I have ever worked with and does not suffer fools lightly. We got along well because I realized early on I needed to bring my ‘A’ game. I tried to listen hard to what his vision was and only piped up if I felt I had something to contribute. To help understand his vision, I usually rode with him to set to preview the day and then would have dinner with him after shooting to do a post mortem. To me, the only way to be an effective producer is to crawl inside the director’s head. It was an awesome experience.

Dread Central: What was your experience in working with Panabaker, whom Chick described as “an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Daniel Sollinger: I agree. First of all, she is gorgeous and sweet. Secondly, there is something about her face in close-up. Her expressions are understated, which leaves a lot of room for the audience to project what they are feeling onto her. That is not an easy trick. She is also highly, highly intelligent. She would often point out technical problems before the experienced technicians were aware of them. She always seemed at least one step ahead of the rest of us. I also like actors who come to work early, know their lines – it’s surprising how many don’t – and who work as hard as the rest of the crew. I think she got, like, four hours of sleep the last three days of shooting. She never complained once. I wish she was in every movie of mine.

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The Young Storytellers Foundation – Disney Elementary Big Show
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The Young Storytellers Foundation - Disney Elementary Big Show

Danielle Panabaker and her sister Kay took part in the Disney Elementary Big Show presented by The Young Storytellers Foundation on January 17, 2013. 10 pics have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the cuteness!

More information about the foundation can be found here.

New ‘Girls Against Boys’ Stills!
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Girls Against Boys

The gallery has been updated with two new ‘Girls Against Boys’ stills in gorgeous high resolution. Another still has been replaced for a better quality version as well. Check them out here!

HD screencaptures from the theatrical trailer were also updated a few days ago:

Girls Against Boys Trailer Girls Against Boys Trailer Girls Against Boys Trailer Girls Against Boys Trailer Girls Against Boys Trailer

“Nearlyweds” Tonight! + Another Interview!
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Don’t forget to watch “Nearlyweds” TONIGHT, 9/8c on Hallmark Channel!

Some of you will be able to watch Nearlyweds in just a couple of minutes! Kill the remaining time with this interview with Danielle Panabaker, on the set of the movie!

“Nearlyweds” Tonight! + Short Video Interview
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Don’t forget to watch “Nearlyweds” TONIGHT, 9/8c on Hallmark Channel!

To celebrate the premiere, here’s a short interview Danielle Panabaker and her co-star, Travis Milne did for AStarWasBorn during Hallmark Channel And Hallmark Movie Channel’s “2013 Winter TCA” Press Gala. Hopefully we’ll get the full interview soon!

Interview with ‘Girls Against Boys’ Director: Austin Chick
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Girls Against Boys

Read this fantastic interview with ‘Girls Against Boys’ director, Austin Chick. DreadCentral had the chance to have a lengthy and spot-on chat with the talented director. If you have doubts about the film’s actual genre, intention and development, this is your chance to clarify (as much as it can be clarified) such doubts.

Dread Central: In ways the film seems the offspring of Baise-moi and Fight Club, although with a more languid, thoughtful approach. What was your inspiration, and how was the scripting process?

Austin Chick: I’ve always been interested in the dynamics between men and women, and Girls Against Boys might be Part Two in a ‘battle of the sexes’ trilogy that I started with XX/XY. In fact, those two titles, XX/XY and Girls Against Boys, have essentially the same meaning. Both films are about the ways people misunderstand and misinterpret each other’s actions and intentions, and how this can lead to people getting hurt. Nobody loses their feet in XX/XY, but by the end of the movie Mark Ruffalo’s character sort of loses his balls.

Revenge movies tend to be populated by characters who are extremes – often even caricatures. In rape/revenge movies the women are often portrayed as innocence personified, and the men are evil incarnate. Painting the situation in this extremely black and white way gives the protagonist a moral righteousness which allows us, as viewers, to feel good about cheering them on. It’s an exercise that taps into our innate desire to see the world as a more ‘just’ place, and it allows us to indulge our own violent fantasies.

But rarely are situations in life this simple. In Girls Against Boys I was interested in exploring the grey areas – the collateral damage, the moral ambiguity, and the way violence affects the perpetrator as well as the victim. The violent impulse is complex and imprecise, and it rarely provides the kind of pure catharsis we hope.

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New ‘Girls Against Boys’ Clip
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Coming from DreadCentral, a very persuasive clip from Austin Chick’s ‘Girls Against Boys’, which opens in select New York & LA theaters February 1st!

‘Girls Against Boys’ Official Trailer Arrives!
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It’s finally here! You can now enjoy the official theatrical trailer for ‘Girls Against Boys’ in glorious high definition at iTunes Movie Trailers!

Or simply check it out below =)

After seeing the trailer, I must warn you:

It looks way more intense and horror-focused than the film itself actually is, so don’t let them fool you. ‘Girls Against Boys’ is a stunning, very dramatic and character-driven film that deals with a girl’s (Danielle Panabaker’s character, Shae) emotional meltdown after some terrible experiences with men occur to her. In the process there are a few graphic and “shocking” scenes, which apparently are the film’s marketing main focus, but there’s much more to look out for in this independent drama/thriller. If you are expecting a horror flick, chances are you will be disappointed.

A Night Out With Hallmark Stars
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A Night Out With Hallmark Stars

Check out a couple of photos Danielle and her “Nearlyweds” co-stars, Travis Milne and Naomi Judd, did to promote the movie during Hallmark Channel And Hallmark Movie Channel’s “2013 Winter TCA” Press Gala.

“Nearlyweds” premieres Saturday January 12, 9/8c!