“Nearlyweds” Preview & On Location Featurette!
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Check out the first preview for Danielle’s upcoming movie, “Nearlyweds”, which premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday January 12 9/8c!

“Nearlyweds” Official Website Up + New photos!
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Hallmark Channel’s official website for “Nearlyweds” has finally been updated! You can check it out right here. In it you’ll find photos, videos, and more details about the movie, which premieres Saturday January 12 9/8c!

When Erin (Danielle Panabaker), Casey (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Stella (Britt Irvin) discover that a paperwork error has annulled all their marriages, they reassess their relationships with their new nearly- husbands.   Erin finds herself competing with mother-in-law Renee (Naomi Judd) for the loyalty of David (Ryan Kennedy), Casey questions Nick’s (Travis Milne) commitment, and Stella deals with balancing her desire for a career with Mark’s (Steve Bacic) expectation for a stay at home wife.  With the pressures of marriage all around, all three couples must again decide whether to make the long walk down the aisle…or to walk out the door and start over.  The three friends navigate the highs and lows of their new marriages together, but ultimately must make their own decisions about the futures of these relationships.

The official photos from the movie have also been added to the gallery:

Charlie Ebersol’s “Charlieland” Birthday Party And Charity
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Danielle Panabaker attended Charlie Ebersol’s “Charlieland” Birthday Party And Charity: Water Fundraiser on December 8, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. She looked absolutely beautiful!

She was photographed with Charlie Ebersol, Mehcad Brooks and Sophia Bush.

The gallery has been updated with over 40 photos. Check them out!

‘Girls Against Boys’ Blu-ray/DVD out in February?
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Seems legit! People at DVDEmpire.com have added the ‘Girls Against Boys’ Blu-ray and DVD to their “Future Releases” list with a February 26, 2013 launch date. There is NO official word stating this is true, but the date does match co-producer Daniel Sollinger’s and Danielle Panabaker’s comments on Twitter:

“I think GvB is comin out in February” – @dpanabaker on November 29

“Girls Against Boys will be out in February! I can’t wait!” – @danielsollinger on September 14

Let’s hope this is true! I can’t wait for you guys to see what I consider to be Danielle’s best film to date, I am overly excited to see it again myself!

Here’s DVDEmpire’s description:

In the tradition of I Spit on Your Grave, Girls Against Boys, centers around two female bartenders who go on a brutal and twisted killing spree to exact revenge against the men who wronged them. But will they cross the line and lose themselves to the thrill and power of violence in this captivating and psychologically terrifying horror film.

And here’s Anchor Bay’s description:

When Shae (Danielle Panabaker), a naïve college student, is tormented by several men in a matter of days, she reaches her breaking point, and is drawn into coworker Lu’s (Nicole LaLiberte) twisted plan for revenge. Together, the two embark on a gruesome killing spree, terrorizing and brutally murdering not just their attackers, but any man who gets in their way. However, after a wild weekend of retaliation, the friendship between the girls shifts into a dangerous obsession, and their perverse game becomes a desperate struggle for Shae to maintain control against Lu’s deadly and seductive influence. Written and directed by acclaimed director Austin Chick (XX/XY, August) Girls Against Boys stars Danielle Panabaker (The Crazies), Nicole LaLiberte (HBO’s “How to Make It in America”), Andrew Howard (Limitless), Michael Stahl-David (Cloverfield), and Liam Aiken (Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events).

Photo Catch-Up!
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Hectic (yet very happy) times! But I’m back now, and with a few gallery updates for your viewing pleasure:

  • Danielle Panabaker and her boyfriend were seen leaving the Pacific Theatres at The Grove in Los Angeles, California. Check out 12 HQ pics here.
  • One more “Nearlyweds” promotional photo has been released. Check it out!
  • Finally, Christian was able to track this event from last year we totally missed: Stacey Snider and Jana Matheson Celebrate The Holidays with All That Glitters at the Judith Leiber Store. 3 photos right here.

First “Nearlyweds” Poster!
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The first poster for Danielle Panabaker’s new TV movie, “Nearlyweds” is now in the gallery. Check it out by clicking on the thumbnail on the left.

“Nearlyweds” is a Hallmark Channel Original Movie set to premiere on January 12, 2013. It stars Danielle Panabaker, Naomi Judd and Jessica Parker Kennedy.

After three best girlfriends each have their dream June wedding, they learn their priest failed to file their official paperwork. With their honeymoons over and their princes showing some less-than-charming traits, these brides are not about to rush to the courthouse to legalize their vows.

‘Girls Against Boys’ Reel
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Check out a short reel featuring a few beautiful scenes from Danielle’ s latest film, ‘Girls Against Boys’!

Warning: the reel contains a lot of my personal favorite scenes in the film, so if you don’t want to be spoiled you might want to avoid seeing the video!

If you still want to see it, visit Kat Westergaard’s official site. Kat is the film’s Director of Photography.

Screencaptures are, as usual, in the gallery.

Shae is sweet and sexy and men want to protect her, but sometimes also own her. She is the perfect object of male fantasies. Lu is the complete opposite of her. She is dominant, self-confident, self-reliant and uses her female attraction for her own gain. She is everything that Shae cannot be, her fantasy of superiority and self-interest. Shae has been raped by a man whose romantic advances she rejected, so the two women go on a journey of liberation, which soon takes a turn into revenge and vigilantism.

“Necessary Roughness” Winter Premiere Announced
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Better late than never! USA has announced the winter premiere date for “Necessary Roughness”:

Necessary Roughness has five more episodes of season 2 beginning on Wednesday, January 23 at 10pm

There is a lot going on this winter on Necessary Roughness. The ownership of the franchise remains undecided going into the new episodes, and a shocking secret threatens to bring down the team’s entire season. Meanwhile, Dr. Dani (Callie Thorne) must struggle to avoid losing her practice and keep her personal life intact.

More importantly, Danielle Panabaker will be featured in all of them! I’ll keep you updated about episode names, descriptions, stills and previews!

Source: BuddyTV

Happy Halloween 2012
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Happy Halloween, everyone! As promised check out some of Danielle’s scary scenes and deleted scenes in ‘Piranha 3DD’ in  our YouTube channel: DPanabakerOrg.

*A short B-roll from ‘The Ward’ has also been added. Enjoy :)


2012 Just Jared Halloween Party
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Danielle Panabaker and her boyfriend Ian Durney attended the 2012 Just Jared Halloween Party on Saturday, October 27 at Siren Studios Orange in Los Angeles. Check out 5 photos in the gallery!