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More ‘Piranha 3DD’ Premiere Videos!
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Some more videos from the premiere of ‘Piranha 3DD’!

In this one Danielle mentions a possible September release for ‘Girls Against Boys’!

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Another Lengthy Interview with Danielle Panabaker
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Very interesting interview. Danielle talks about ‘Piranha 3DD’, but also about her other projects!

At what point doing Mr. BrooksFriday the 13th and The Crazies did you realize horror would be a lucrative thing for you?

Danielle Panabaker: “It was funny, I kept thinking, ‘Well, this’ll be the last one. Well, then I’ll do something different.’ But each movie has offered such a different opportunity and been a unique film.Mr. Brooks, Kevin Costner, William Hurt, just incredible. Then Friday the 13th which was my real introduction to the horror genre and it’s very classic, dark, scary horror. Then Crazies with the zombies, it’s all been something different. With Piranha I think it was the humor that really attracted me to it but hey, I’m an actor and I love to work, so any movie, I’m available.”

Are these types of movies grueling to do?

Danielle Panabaker: “They can be really taxing. Piranha was especially difficult for me because I’m afraid of the water. So any day that involved water, Matt [Bush] and I were doing scuba training on the weekends, it was a really big challenge for me personally.”

What did you need scuba training for? Your character isn’t an expert in scuba.

Danielle Panabaker: “No, she’s not an expert in scuba but any time we’re underwater, like when I’m tied down to that grate, it’s more efficient to keep me tied under there and breathing off of scuba gear rather than having me come up and catch my breath and go back under. So they trained us to breath off of it so that they could shoot quicker.”

Where does that fear of water come from?

Danielle Panabaker: “Childhood. I was thrown in as a child. The teachers thought that that would be the best way to teach me how to swim and it wasn’t. I know how to swim but I don’t enjoy it.”

So for everyone who thinks that works, it doesn’t.

Danielle Panabaker: “It didn’t work for me. Maybe it works for some people, but it didn’t work for me.”

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‘Piranha 3DD’ – 10th Video Interview
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Coming from MovieWeb. Check it out!

Another Interview with Danielle Panabaker
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Coming from ShockYa:

She reflects neither of the titular attractions of the campy “Piranha 3DD,” the follow-up to 2010?s surprise, $80-million-grossing “Piranha 3D,” but Danielle Panabaker anchors the movie nonetheless, starring as level-headed graduate student Maddy, whose visions of a happy summer working at her stepfather’s water park get dashed, in bloody fashion. It almost certainly helped that Panabaker had hearty, previous genre experience, in the form of “Friday the 13th” and “The Crazies.” For ShockYa, Brent Simon had a chance to speak to Panabaker one-on-one recently, about the movie and its production, her admirable dedication to education, and a T-shirt she might have liberated from the wardrobe department. The conversation is excerpted below:

ShockYa: The Internet is sometimes true, and it said, amazingly, that you graduated high school as valedictorian at only 14 years old.

Danielle Panabaker: [laughs] Yeah, I went to an independent study high school and graduated young.

ShockYa: You were working even then, doing theater, commercials and TV. How was it that you were so driven, academically?

DP: I give a lot of credit to my parents. Education was very important to them and they were insistent that it was a big part of (life for) my sister and I. From the time we were young we moved every two years, basically, and my parents always chose the suburb in which we lived based around the school district, basically. So I was very fortunate, had a great education, and when we came out to California just got to stay on the same track and keep moving right along. My parents’ rule was as long as you live in our house you’ll be in school, so kudos to them for helping us stick to it.

ShockYa: You also went to UCLA to purse a degree, where you graduated and were on the Dean’s List.

DP: It was a challenge (to juggle) school and work, for sure. While I was at UCLA, I think I missed a quarter. The most frustrating thing is when you get halfway through a quarter and you’ve done all the work and written all the papers and you’re committed to it, and then you have to go away for six weeks or a couple months, and you can’t finish. That was the most frustrating part for me. But I made it work. I was very lucky that [CBS’] “Shark” came along and they were so amenable to working around my school schedule that I was able to attend 80 or 85 percent of my classes. It’s funny because those contracts are always pages and pages long, but there was always a little paragraph about, “Danielle will be able to attend her finals, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on December 14,” or whatever. It was a priority and I did it, and I’m still shocked a little bit. It’s a feat, for sure.

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‘Piranha 3DD’ Now In Theaters and VOD!
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‘Piranha 3DD‘ is now in theaters and VOD! Do see it if you have the chance, and make sure you let us know your opinion once you do, but please keep it spoiler-free for those can’t see it yet!

  • For the list of theaters that are showing it go here!
  • For the list of VOD distributors go here!

Also, Danielle Panabaker and Chris Zylka will be promoting the film on MTV’s 10 On Top tomorrow Sat. 6/2 at 11:30am ET. Make sure you tune in!

‘Piranha 3DD’ – 9th Video Interview
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Just when you thought there were no more interviews coming!

‘Piranha 3DD’ to Become First 3D Film to Get Day-and-Date Release
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Very interesting information about the release platform of ‘Piranha 3DD’. Shares some details about the VOD distributors, and future 3D Blu-ray plans!

The Weinstein Co.’s Dimension Films label and Starz Digital Media, a unit of Liberty Media’s premium TV arm Starz, will makePiranha 3DD available on-demand and online for VOD rentals day- and-date with its theatrical release Friday.

The movie will be available day-and-date in pay TV homes and via digital distributors.

The film marks the first day-and-date release for a 3D movie and the first Dimension release to venture into the distribution model, the companies said.

Starz Digital Media said it also has worked with tech firm Milyoni to bring the Piranha 3DD VOD release to Facebook, with the first-ever 3D Facebook VOD app for rental. Facebook viewers can comment and share clips, stills and quotes with their friends.

Piranha 3DD will be available for a 48-hour VOD rental period for a suggested retail price of $6.99 in standard and high definition and $7.99 in 3D. (Some distributors might choose not to offer the 3D version.) Consumers have 30 days from the time of the rental transaction to start viewing.

Starz said that more than 95 percent of U.S. pay TV households are served by multichannel operators participating in the day-and-date VOD release. That excludes cable firm Cablevision Systems, which Winokur said is not set up to offer variable pricing on the same title.

Online distributors participating include Amazon Instant Video, Google Play/YouTube, Apple’s iTunes, Sony Corp.’s PlayStation Network, Vudu and Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

Starz Media is distributing Weinstein Co. releases via its Anchor Bay Entertainment and Starz Digital Media arms in the U.S. Anchor Bay will distribute Piranha 3DD on Blu-ray 3D combo pack and DVD later this year.

For those without 3D glasses who want to order the film online, Starz said it will mention that the film comes in the anaglyph 3D format, known as “red/blue 3D,” and provide a description for how to make glasses at home with basic household items, such as permanent marker and CD cases.

Read more at THR.

‘Piranha 3DD’ Uncensored Interview!
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Check out this uncensored interview with Danielle Panabaker, David Koechner and John Gulager!

‘Piranha 3DD’ Premiere – Interview
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Check out this interview from the red carpet premiere of ‘Piranha 3DD’:

‘Piranha 3DD’ Clip: Evolving
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Check it out!